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Tereo Corporation

Systems Firmware using NLB technology

Producing patented NLB firmware and unique proximity devices.  Our revolutionary firmware allows for enhanced connectivity, motion detection, range settings, and alert features.  Versatile in nature, this firmware is being specifically developed for commercial, consumer, and government applications around the globe.

Interested users may put in an advance order before the release of the NLB Mini; a new and different kind of NLB proximity device that instantly gives an alert reminder when leaving a cell phone, laptop, or tablet behind which happens in so many circumstances when leaving home, work, a restaurant, a restroom, a bus, or dropping out of a pocket or purse and so many other instances which happen to all persons at any time during any given day and time. The unique feature of the NLB Mini is it always provides an instant alert within a distance of the valued cell phone and the laptops and tablets that are Bluetooth 4.0/BLE compatible when so easily forgotten, misplaced, or even taken away. The NLB Mini is also a stress remover where a misplace cell will never occur.  The most unique feature of the NLB Mini is when a user walks away, an alert activates immediately notifying the user that their cell phone, laptop, or tablet has been left behind. The best features of the NLB Mini is the immediate feeling created by the instant alert to retrieve the phone after walking away from the phone within a short distance that creates a secured feeling of immediate relief upon hearing the instant alert that the NLB Mini will execute without fail: “I left my cell phone behind again”.

To be notified upon release of the NLB Mini please send you’re your contact information to: