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           The Tereo NLB Pro is a          

        device that reminds and prevents all users

              from leaving their

valued cell phone, laptop, or tablet

(with compatible Bluetooth 4.0 BLE) behind.        


The Tereo NLB “Never Leave Behind” Pro is worn by the user that provides an instant alert before walking away from the cell phone before it is left behind and forgotten.

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   Tereo NLB devices only

    require pairing to

either the cell phone,   

           or compatible Bluetooth 4.0 BLE laptops and tablets only.




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Simpler is Better


Producing firmware and unique proximity devices which complement Bluetooth® technology.  Our revolutionary firmware allows for enhanced connectivity, motion detection, range settings, and alert features.  Versatile in nature, this firmware is being specifically developed for commercial, consumer, and government applications around the globe. 

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